Game Features 5 Android games stories you should Download this Spring

While this week was very quiet on the new Android games front, it was a bit crazy in terms of news. We had companies being acquired, sued, and giving away free pizza. Madness!

But alongside the craziness was some excellent news. We found out a release date for an exciting upcoming JRPG and a Zelda-like adventure we never thought would come to Android, is! Let’s dig into it.

The biggest Android games story this week: Tencent will publish Ubisoft games on mobile in ASIA

Tencent recently acquired a 5% stake in Ubisoft and as a result of that deal will publish several Ubisoft titles on mobile in China. Fingers crossed for a western release of Rainbow Six: Siege or For Honor!

For Honor Ubisoft Tencent

Racing sequel PAKO 2 launched on Android

PAKO 2 finally launched on Android this week, allowing you to once again don the fancy gloves of a getaway driver. You know the drill – drive fast, earn money, buy nicer cars.

Rayark’s upcoming JRPG Sdorica will launch on July 19th

Sdorica should win awards for its visual style alone – it really does look that good. This intriguing JRPG will launch on July 19th, we found out this week.

Ittle Dew 2 is on its way to Android

Remember Ittle Dew, that cute little puzzle adventure that clearly took a lot of inspiration from classic Zelda games? Well, the sequel is finally coming to mobile, we learned this week.

Ittle Dew 2 Android

Kode Keras Cowok Dari Cewek [ Hard Code A guy from Girl ]

Hard Code A guy from Girl is a game to test your toughness and show your skill mode to get the Ideal Girl. Remember yes The Hard Codes, if the Girl is always “right”, well ga ga wrong coy, the first rule to finish your singles status is to learn first Code Hard Girl, so that when we face it we know what we have to do and say. Do not baper yes bro, happy play!

Download Playstore : Kode Keras Cowok

Download Appstore : Kode Keras Cowok

Piece of the Pie Pursuit offers a free slice of Domino’s pizza

Rounding up the news this week is a story we’re not overly convinced by. Dominos (yes, the pizza company) released Piece of the Pie Pursuit, a free mobile game that promises free pizza. Well, it turns out you only actually earn about a slice of pizza for completing the game. Shame.

Piece of the Pie Pursuit Android


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